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In April 2007, Augel flew from his home near Bremen, Germany, to Bangkok, Thailand, to replenish his closet. A week late, he flew back wit seven new blue suits to add to the 11 he already owned."


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To Thai Square Fashions, Thank for all your support and making me look good in a beautiful suit! see you next time i'm in bangkok good golfing."

Adam Scott

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Thai Square Fashions In the Swedish Newspapers."

Swedish Newspapers.

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Now. I was told about this shop by a nice VT-member ;-)
I called the shop, and the picked me up at the hotel in the morning. In the Shop the shop they showed me the different cuts, the materials and I made my choice. the measured me, and afterwards drove me where ever i wanted. The same day at night, i was picked up again at the hotel for the first fitting. one pair of trousers and a shirt where already done, the jacket was sittet to my body... again I got a ride back wherever i wanted to.... "

Tailors: Great Suits

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Mine is Thai Square Fashion on 612-3125-6. Not been to BKK in 3 years, but they should still be around and the suits they've made are still going strong. What I liked about them was they came to the hotel for the second and third fitting (if required) and that really worked out well for me, due to the traffic problems in BKK. "


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